Our Vision

Concordia exists to reach out, connect and equip people
to impact their world for Jesus.

So what does that mean?

We at Concordia understand that people matter to God, therefore, people matter to Concordia. We dream that all people would see the message of hope in Jesus through our church and lives.

Therefore, by God’s grace, through our church and lives we will Reach, Connect and Equip people:

  • by developing community and fellowship through Small Groups
  • by being intentional about being intergenerational
  • by being known in the community as a safe place,
  • by meeting people “where they are at” with relevant worship services.
  • by leading others to build a close relationship with God and become mature disciples
  • by developing their spiritual gifts
  • by being open to the Spirits leading in serving opportunities
  • by providing a facility that adequately fulfills Concordia’s ministry needs
  • by sharing our resources and training with other Churches

We understand & value:

  • that we are a church of prayer, in which prayer undergirds all our decisions and actions.
  • that membership is a covenant with God and one another to grow in discipleship.
  • that the Gospel message never changes, but the methods of proclaiming the Gospel must continue to be relevant.