Substitute Computer Operator - Traditional Service

Both of our worship services use a projector and screen. At our 9:00 Traditional Service we use Powerpoint to discplay hymn lyrics, readings, etc. A Computer Operator operates Powerpoint during the service on Sunday mornings.

We have a faithful team of techs right now, but like all of us, they need breaks, and we'd love to have a few people to be "on call" to serve when needed.

What's Involved

  • operating Powerpoint to provide song lyrics, readings, images, etc.
    • following along with the service and changing slides appropriately
  • our office produces the Powerpoint "script" during the week, so this role is needed on Sunday mornings only

What's Needed

  • a willingness to be a Christian servant leader in a low-profile, but high-importance role
    • willingness to celebrate success as "no one noticed me" :)
  • comfortable with technology; familiarity with presentation software (Powerpoint, Keynote, etc.) is a bonus, but not essential
  • a willingness to be trained
  • for song lyrics, a good ear for music is helpful but not essential to begin - listening skills can be taught

How to Get Involved

  1. Call our Director of Worship, Michael Schutz, at 250-492-5902 or email him to get the ball rolling.
  2. "Job shadow" on a Sunday morning with a current operator
  3. Meet for designated training times as needed (This is a role that isn't difficult, but just because it's fairly easy does not mean it isn't important. It's a very important role!)
  4. Have a great time serving!