Contemporary Worship

Weekly on Sunday at 11:00am until Mon, Dec 20 2021

As of Oct. 3, 2021, we have returned to two worship services on Sunday morning, celebrating Holy Communion on the second and last Sundays of the month.

Our Celebration worship gathering normally happens at 11:00am each Sunday morning, and is a contemporary expression of historic Christian liturgy. Music is led by a small team of musicians. There are people from all generations present, including young families, which makes it a lively time for all who gather! Themed activity bags and a nursery help parents care for their young children.

COVID-19 Notes

There are no mandated restrictions on public worship. We strongly recommend that all people age 12+ wear masks, sanitize or wash hands on arrival, and refrain from attending if not feeling well.

We also encourage everyone to offer an abundance of grace to others, respecting that others' level of comfort and fear may be different. Please respect others' wishes with respect to physical distancing, ask about shaking hands or hugging, etc.