Church & School Leaders

Governing Team

The Governing Team is elected by the voters of the congregation to oversee all of Concordia, including church ministry, school, and preschool.

  • Rita Anderson
  • Jim Beiderwieden
  • Carolyn Burghardt
  • Paul Knoll
  • Don Lerch
  • Jennifer Tunke

Staff Team

  • Pam Hartmann
    Pam Hartmann
    Preschool Director
  • Chris-Ann Krey
    Chris Ann Krey
  • Sharon Otke
    Sharon Otke
    Preschool Assistant
  • Pastor Michael Schutz
    Michael Schutz
  • Kathleen Simard
    Kathleen Simard
    K-3 Teacher
  • Rod Strong
    Rod Strong
    Education Assistant
  • Angela Westcott
    Angela Westcott
    Principal, Admin Assistant