Church & School Leaders

Governing Team

The Governing Team is elected by the voters of the congregation to oversee all of Concordia, including church ministry, school, and preschool.

  • Betty-Ann Bashuk
  • Bob Thompson
  • Dan Bashuk
  • Don Lerch
  • Jim Beiderweiden
  • Julie Thompson

School Operations Team

The School Operations Team is appointed by the Governing Team to oversee the operation of the school and preschool. There are currently three voting members. Members of the staff team meet with the SOT each month to report and coordinate work.

  • Carolyn Burghardt
  • Jim Beiderweiden
  • Tim Otke

Staff Team

  • Andrea Garriott
    Andrea Garriott
    4/5 Teacher
  • Angela Westcott
    Angela Westcott
    Principal, 1/2/3 Teacher
  • Ashley Hunter
    Ashley Hunter
    Administrative Assistant
  • Colleen Jenken
    Colleen Jenken
    Education Assistant
  • Kathleen Simard
    Kathleen Simard
    K-1 Teacher
  • Pastor Michael Schutz
    Michael Schutz
  • Pam Hartmann
    Pam Hartmann
    Preschool Director
  • Sharon Otke
    Sharon Otke
    Preschool Assistant
  • Suzanne Schutz
    Suzanne Schutz
    4/5 Teacher
  • Teresa Sherburne
    Teresa Sherburne
    Director of Finances, 1/2/3 Teacher