2022 Bible Engagement

Members and friends of Concordia are invited to use 2022 to engage with God’s Word in a bit of a different way: one chapter a week through Luke-Acts.

Over the past few years, our congregation has engaged with the Word of God in different ways. Of course, we receive the Word in worship on Sundays and midweek services. We have Bible study groups. And we encourage people to be in the Word on a daily basis.

We’ve done a reading plan which took us through the entire Bible over the course of two years. Last year we were engaged with the Psalms and Proverbs, reading each of them over the course of every month.

This year, we’re invited to a bit of a different approach: working through Luke-Acts in a bit more detail. With 24 chapters of Luke and 28 chapters of Acts, we have 52 chapters and 52 weeks in the year. A great fit!

Each week, Pastor Michael will be posting some thoughts on the chapter of the week, offering some insights and notes that go beyond a surface reading. You’re invited to read the chapter and use the notes to help deepen your study, understanding, and application of God’s Word to your life.

The notes will be linked in our weekly email newsletter and live here on the site at the address concordialive.ca/bible2022 (which is this page right now). All are invited to join in a simple yet powerful year of growing in God’s grace and wisdom!